Hiking in the Rocky Mountains!

Hey there, fellow explorers! I'm Teresa, the compass behind An Acre in the City.

Hailing from the thumb of Michigan, my passion for travel was kindled through family camping trips from my early days.

After college, I spread my wings, venturing beyond state lines and journeying across the vast expanse of the United States.

In 2023, I marked Alaska as my 50th state—an exhilarating check on my bucket list!

My escapades across all 50 states have honed my knack for meticulously planning journeys that blend precision and thrills, all while being mindful of the budget.

With my 50 State Bucket List conquered, I'm embarking on new adventures. I'm on a mission to visit the remaining nine state capitols and explore the less-trodden corners of the National Park Service Sites—I've already uncovered over 300 of the 425.

When my feet are rooted in one place (for a moment), you'll find me crafting, whipping up delectable treats, nurturing my garden, or immersing myself in a home DIY project.

Join me on my journey by connecting on Instagram and Facebook. Let's transform your travel dreams into vibrant realities, one well-planned and budget-conscious adventure at a time!