33 Games for Road Trips Adults Will Enjoy Playing

You've packed snacks, queued up an epic playlist, and hit the road, but those long stretches of driving can sometimes lead to boredom – just like when you were a kid!

Speaking of kids, if you want ideas for traveling with kids, check out these 20+ Road Trip Boredom Busters: Games and Activities.

To keep your journey lively and enjoyable, consider incorporating a variety of games into the mix.

When selecting games for your road trip, aim for options that require minimal equipment, cater to various interests, and can quickly adapt to the number of players.

From classic word games and trivia challenges to innovative apps designed for travel, many options are available to make your journey more entertaining.

Create an atmosphere where everyone can join in and contribute to the collective fun of the trip.

So, gear up for your next adventure and bring a stash of travel games. Whether word puzzles, card games, or icebreaker activities, these games promise to turn your long road trip from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Classic Car Games for Timeless Road Trip Fun

Before smartphones and tablets, road trips were filled with classic car games that brought families and friends closer together. These timeless games required a keen eye, quick thinking, and a sense of adventure.

Let's adventure down memory lane and rediscover these classics that have stood the test of time. After all, a road trip is more fun when it is filled with laughter and excitement!

A parking lot scene showing three vehicles—a silver sedan, a blue pickup truck, and a black SUV all with different licenses plates—parked with a seafood restaurant, Diennet's Wharf, in the background. The overcast sky and casual arrangement of cars suggest a relaxed, day-to-day atmosphere at a local dining spot by the water.
Examples of license plates from various states.” by castine_fieldwork is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The License Plate Game

Consider the classic car challenge with the License Plate Game, an all-time favorite for turning monotonous drives into engaging fun. Scan nearby vehicles for their license plates to find plates from as many states as possible.

Keep a tally on paper or smartphone; the person who spots the most unique states wins the game. 

Consider mixing educational or whimsical elements, such as guessing the state's capital or crafting a brief funny story about each plate observed.

These variations liven up the journey and encourage conversations and laughter among fellow passengers.

Would You Rather

Imagine you're driving past miles and miles of fields on a road trip between St. Paul, Minnesota, and Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the landscapes blurring by, and conversations begin to fade.

That's your cue to launch into ‘Would You Rather,' a stimulating game that kindles dialogue and laughter among your travel mates. 

Begin by posing two alternatives to a player, who must choose one and explain their reasoning. For instance, you might ask, “Would you rather have the ability to teleport anywhere or read minds?”

The more challenging and absurd the choices, the livelier the discussions. This game fuels conversation and reveals intriguing insights into your companions' preferences and thought processes.

  • Will You Choose Eternity or Fleeting Moments: Would you rather live forever with no option for an end or live just one more day with the chance to do anything you desire?
  • The Beauty of Nature or Human Creations: Would you rather have a cabin with endless wilderness surrounding you or a luxurious apartment in a bustling global city?
  • Memories or Fantasies: Would you rather have the power to perfectly recall every memory or the ability to invent new realms in your dreams every night?
  • Audit of Senses: Would you rather lose your sense of taste and smell or never be able to touch anything without gloves?
  • Altruism vs. Accumulation: Would you rather donate a significant sum of money anonymously to a charity or have that same amount double for your personal use with no donations allowed?

It's a good idea to find some ideas online before you – or if you have the board game, consider taking it with you. 

A wax figure of a woman resembling Jennifer Aniston, dressed in an elegant black strapless gown, stands posed with one hand on her hip. The figure is displayed against an ornate wall with a medieval-style torch sconce and a wooden door.
Jennifer Aniston Wax Sculpture” by Yortw is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

The Name Game: Celebrity Edition

Get ready to flex your celebrity knowledge with the Name Game. In this engaging version, you stick to the world of the rich and famous. 

Begin by picking a well-known figure. The next player must use the last letter of this celebrity's name to name another celebrity.

Let's say you kick things off with ‘Jennifer Aniston.' The following player could fire back with ‘Natalie Portman,' and so on.

Rules are straightforward: no repeating names, and if someone gets stumped, they're out. To ratchet up the excitement, set a time limit for each round.

This game fuels a wave of nostalgia as you traverse memory lane and spark discussions and laughter, making for a ride as memorable as your destination. 

Image featuring multiple colorful speech bubbles with question marks in them.

20 Questions

Create an intellectual duel with the classic road trip game 20 Questions. This simple game energizes your travel companions and stimulates your minds.

The first person thinks of something – an object, celebrity, or even a concept – and keeps it to themselves. The other players then have the opportunity to ask up to twenty yes-or-no questions to deduce the mystery idea.

To keep the game intriguing for adults, opt for more intricate or comical subjects. Why not choose a historical figure or a thought-provoking scientific theory? Or, for a lighter mood, pick a hilarious pop culture reference or a quirky food dish.

Each question should lead you closer to the answer, encouraging all players to think outside the box and consider every possibility.

Keep track of the number of questions asked, and revel in the challenge as you approach the twentieth inquiry.

Guess correctly and bask in the glory of your deductive prowess; fail and allow the questioner a moment to reveal and relish their cleverly chosen subject.

This engaging game tests wit and deduction and sparks laughter and conversation among all passengers during your long drive.

Sing Along / Name that Tune

Grab your playlist and warm up your vocal cords because a sing-along game might be the perfect icebreaker for your group on the next car journey. Anybody can start by crooning a few lines from a beloved song.

The challenge for the rest is to join in the chorus and identify the song name and artist. Turn it into a competitive game by allotting points for every correct guess. Mix things up by choosing themes, like '90s hits or movie soundtracks.

Take this game further by daring your fellow passengers to perform solo renditions of their favorite songs. This can lead to laughter or even discovering hidden talents among your friends.

Just make sure somebody keeps score, and at the end of the trip, crown your ‘Car Karaoke Champion.' They earn bragging rights until the next road trip—and maybe control over the music for an hour!

Of course, if you have a carload of bad singers, remove the signing and name the song and the artist of the song clips!

Road Trip Storyteller

Road Trip Storyteller, which is also sometimes called Storytelling Relay, is a fantastic way to engage everyone's creative spirit and pass long stretches of highway.

Start by selecting one person to open the narrative with a single sentence. Then, you take turns, each participant contributing another sentence to thicken the plot.

Keep the storyline unexpected and entertaining by introducing quirky characters, surprising twists, or hilarious scenarios.

Encourage everyone to build on the details previously mentioned. Remember, the aim is to craft a tale that could only come to life with the unique input of each individual in the vehicle.

It is helpful to draft a few rules before you begin, such as setting a theme or genre and determining what is off-limits for your story.

For added fun, record the entire session on your phone. When you reach your destination, you'll have a truly original road trip tale to laugh over or share with friends and family back home. 

Trivia Time

If you have more than three people in the car, Trivia Time can be a fun way to engage everyone's minds as you traverse the open highway. Start by selecting various topics that pique all passengers' interest.

These could range from pop culture, history, and sports to science and current events. One person takes on the role of quizmaster, either preparing questions in advance or using a mobile app containing trivia questions.

Keep the game fair by rotating the quizmaster role for each round so everyone can play and answer questions. You can use a simple piece of paper to keep the score, assigning each correct answer a point.

Determine if you'll work with more complex questions worth more points to spice up the competition. Set a specific number of rounds or a time limit to keep the game within a manageable timeframe and maintain enthusiasm.

If you have a trivia game at home, consider taking some of the trivia cards along for ready-made questions!

Image of a travel-themed bingo card with a variety of road signs and symbols as the squares, and a pen alongside it. This kind of bingo card is typically used to keep passengers entertained during road trips by spotting various signs along the way.

Car Bingo

The classic game of Car Bingo is always a hit when I travel. A little pre-trip prep goes a long way for this. Craft a bingo board – a simple 5×5 grid will suffice, filled with sights and objects you might spot on your voyage.

Think quirky roadside attractions, specific car models, or local wildlife typical of the regions you'll pass through. Include a free space in the center because everyone deserves a head start.

With boards ready, scan the scenery as you drive. Spot a listed item? Mark it off. The first player to achieve an entire row – horizontal, vertical, or diagonal – calls out “Bingo!” and wins. 

But here's the twist for adults: diversify the categories. In addition to physical objects, include events, like ‘sees a hitchhiker,' or behaviors, such as ‘hears a horn honk twice.'

This variation requires observance and a touch of humor, transforming the game from mere sight-spotting into an amusing observation challenge.

To keep it enticing, play multiple rounds with different themes. Some theme ideas are the natural environment, vehicle varieties, billboard variations, and state license plates.

Are you worried that the driver can't play? No worries—they can still look for things. Have one of the other players fill out the driver's card for them as they see things on the list. 

Two Truths and a Lie

Travelers should think of three statements about their travel experiences to kick off this game. Two should be facts, and one should be a clever fabrication.

Once you've got your trio of tales ready, share them with your car mates in no particular order.

The others' goal is to sniff out the lie. Watch for hesitation, overly elaborate details, or anything slightly off-kilter. Each player takes a turn, votes are cast, and the truth (or the lie) comes to light.

Be bold in diving into the stories behind the truths, as these can lead to spirited discussion.

These games work best with more than two people in the car—they would be fun for a friend-type road trip.

This photo captures a barren desert landscape from a moving vehicle, with a visible side mirror. The arid environment features sparse vegetation, with distant hills under a hazy blue sky, conveying the vast openness typical of desert regions.
I Spy!” by Just Taken Pics is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I Spy

The classic “I Spy” game is perfect for passing the time on long stretches of highway. To play, one player begins by selecting an object they spot along the road and providing a clue to describe it without revealing its identity.

For example, “I spy something blue and round.”

The other players then take turns guessing the object based on the clue provided. To keep the game exciting, players can only make a certain number of guesses before the answer is revealed.

Players can up the ante as the game progresses by selecting more challenging objects or incorporating themed rounds based on landmarks or roadside attractions.

With each round, the anticipation builds as players race to identify the mystery objects correctly.

Other Fun Road Trip Games

Road trips are a fantastic way to explore new places and create memorable experiences. Where are many great game options for adults on a road trip,

Alphabet Game 

Start with the letter ‘A' and find words on billboards, road signs, or vehicles that begin with each alphabet letter in order. It's a great way to stay engaged during long highway stretches.

Guess the Landmark

If you're passing by famous landmarks or unique roadside attractions, have one person describe it without revealing its name, and the others guess what it is.

Roadside Snack Taste Test

Bring an assortment of snacks unique to the region you're traveling through. Rate and review them as you munch your way across the map.

Movie Quote Challenge

Test your movie knowledge by quoting famous lines and challenging your fellow travelers to name the film.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of things to spot or find along the route. Snap photos as you check them off, and it becomes a visual travel diary.

Riddle Me This

Take turns sharing riddles or brain teasers. See who can stump the group with the most challenging one.

Travel Bingo – Scavenger Hunt Style

Create a scavenger hunt list with specific items or landmarks to spot. The first to find them all wins a small prize.

Story Behind the Road Sign

Choose a random road sign, and each person creates a backstory or funny scenario related to it. It can lead to some hilarious tales.

Destination Dreaming

Each person takes a turn describing their dream travel destination in vivid detail. It's a great way to inspire future adventures.

Name That National Park

Exploring NPS sites? Challenge your travel companions to identify the National Parks from photos or descriptions.

Guess the Celebrity

Describe a famous person you'd like to meet on your travels, dropping hints until someone guesses who it is.

Roadside History Lessons

Research historical facts about the places you're passing through and take turns giving mini-history lessons. It's educational and entertaining.

Destination ABCs

Start with “A” and work through the alphabet, naming destinations or places you'd like to visit that start with each letter.

Budget Travel Challenge

Each person gets a hypothetical budget for a trip and must plan an itinerary within that budget. Compare your creative travel plans.

Destination Charades

Act out the name of a place you'd like to visit, and the others must guess where it is. No words allowed!

Travel Debate

Engage in friendly debates about travel-related topics. For example, “Is it better to visit popular tourist spots or off-the-beaten-path destinations?”

Scenic Spot Countdown 

Look for scenic spots along the way. When you see one, count down from 10 to 1, and everyone must shout “Scenic!” at the same time and take in the view.

man holding phone and looking at the phone
Photo by Foundry on Pixabay

Apps and Digital Games

For your next road trip, consider trying out some of these engaging apps:

Drivetime (Drive.fm)

Elevate your driving experience with Drivetime, an audio entertainment platform that offers voice-activated quizzes and games.

This app, which focuses on safety, allows you to engage in trivia challenges without taking your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road. From the Daily Trivia Show to movie-themed challenges, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Popcorn Trivia 

Movie buffs will love Popcorn Trivia, an interactive app that turns film knowledge into a competitive quiz experience. With over 14 million questions in its catalog, you'll always have cinematic details to discuss.

Challenge your friends or team up to conquer movie-themed trivia rounds as you travel.

Trivia Crack 2

Test your general knowledge with Trivia Crack 2, a vibrant app that offers trivia across six categories. Challenge your friends or compete against random opponents in real-time battles of wits.

With new questions added regularly, each road trip is an opportunity to expand your knowledge and engage with others.

Trivia 360

Trivia 360 is a brain-teasing trivia app that challenges your wits with a variety of single-player or multiplayer modes. Its user-friendly interface offers a plethora of thought-provoking questions spanning multiple categories.

Whether you're testing your knowledge solo or competing with friends, Trivia 360 guarantees hours of engaging entertainment.

Jeopardy! World Tour

Channel your inner game show contestant with the mobile version of America's favorite quiz show. Jeopardy! World Tour delivers the classic experience of the TV show with a global twist, allowing you to compete with trivia lovers worldwide.

Put your knowledge to the test and see if you can become a Jeopardy! Champion.

Song Pop 2

For music enthusiasts, Song Pop 2 is the ultimate test of song recognition and music trivia knowledge. With a massive library spanning decades and genres, friends can challenge each other to see who has the ultimate playlist knowledge.

Song Pop 2 offers endless fun for music lovers of all tastes, from chart-toppers to indie gems.

These apps offer a fun and convenient way to pass the time during your road trip. Whether you're a trivia enthusiast, a movie buff, or just looking for entertainment on the road, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

So download your favorites, gather your travel companions, and prepare for an unforgettable journey!

Photo Of Women Sitting On Car
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

FAQs: Games for Road Trips Adults Will Enjoy

What kinds of games are best suited for adult road trips?

The best games for adult road trips, such as voice-activated trivia games, can be played hands-free to ensure the driver's safety.

They should also be engaging enough to keep the interest of adult passengers, often involving some element of strategy, general knowledge, or creative thinking.

How can drivers safely play games on a long car ride?

Drivers can safely play games on a road trip by choosing voice-activated options that do not require any hand or visual engagement with a device.

Such games allow drivers to keep their focus on the road while still participating in the fun. It's critical to select games designed specifically with driver safety in mind.

Do these games require an internet connection?

Some road trip games require an internet connection to access all features, such as downloading new questions or connecting with other players online.

However, some apps offer offline modes, so playing without a constant internet connection is possible after initial setup or content download.

Are there cost-free road trip games available for adults?

Yes, many cost-free road trip games, such as trivia apps that can be downloaded without charge, are available for adults.

While some offer in-app purchases or additional features through a subscription, plenty of engaging and fun options require no upfront or ongoing costs.

Road Trip with Girl Friends
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

Final Thoughts: Games for Road Trips Adults Will Enjoy

As you gear up for your next road trip, remember that the journey is as important as the destination.

With the proper selection of games, you can turn those long hours on the road into unforgettable moments of laughter, camaraderie, and friendly competition.

From classic favorites like Bingo and I Spy with My Little Eye to interactive apps and brain-teasing trivia challenges, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

These games pass the time, sharpen your mind, spark interesting conversations, and create lasting memories.

So, remember to pack a few travel games, whether you're embarking on a solo adventure or hitting the road with friends and family. They're the perfect companion for making every mile of your journey enjoyable.

Happy travels, and game on!

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