Beaches in Lexington MI: A Perfect Day on Lake Huron

Looking for a breath of fresh air in the heart of Michigan's beach scene?

You've come to the right place to learn about the beaches in Lexington MI.

  • The central hub of Lexington – Tierney Park
  • An enriching experience at Lexington State Harbor
  • The assurance of water quality

Growing up in the area, we would head to Lake Huron to enjoy the beach. One of the many bonuses for living in the Great Lakes State!

Keep reading to uncover what these enticing public beaches in Lexington, MI, have to offer and make an informed decision for your next sun-soaked getaway.

Note: Dogs are NOT allowed on the beaches at these locations.

Beach shoreline in Lexington, MI. Small sandy beach with trees to the right and water with small waves rolling onto the shore.

The Central Beach Scene: Tierney Park

At the heart of Lexington’s beach scene is none other than Tierney Park. It is a great place for both laid-back beach-goers and active individuals alike. 

Offering not only sun and sand, Tierney Park features picnic spots, a bathroom, a large parking lot, and playground equipment, making it a great spot to spend the day in the Village of Lexington.

If you enjoy playing beach volleyball, grab some friends and head to the park, as there is a court available.

Arrive in the early morning hours to catch the sunrise along the Lake Huron Coast – so pretty!

The park is just a short walk from many shopping, sweet treats, and restaurant options.

Address: 5451 Dallas St, Lexington, MI 48450

Memorial bust of Patrick Tierney with bright primary colored play structure behind it. There is also a wooden bench shown near the bust and the beach shown in beyond the play structure.

Exploring Lexington State Harbor

Step into a vibrant world by the shoreline at Lexington State Harbor. This is more than just a beach; it’s a lively hub of experiences, enthusiasm, and engaging local culture. 

As the sun dances off Lake Huron's sparkling waters, the harbor plays host to an assorted mix of free concerts and various public events. 

Whether you love dancing to live music or have an affinity for local art, Lexington State Harbor is a hotspot teeming with activity that is sure to enthrall visitors of all ages and interests.

An array of local artists are invited here regularly to display and sell their work, creating an art-driven terrain right by the beach. 

The art fairs held here add a unique flavor to Lexington beach life, with fortes ranging from painting and sculpture to crafts and jewelry. 

The art showcases foster a creative environment and reflect Lexington's vibrant local community spirit.

The State Harbor isn’t just about music and art; it also provides ample opportunities for those looking for outdoor adventure.

With Lake Huron offering a scenic backdrop, it is an idyllic spot for boating, fishing, and other water activities.

Some other harbor amenities include electricity, modern restroom facilities, showers, a fuel station offering both gasoline and diesel, pump-out services, a fish cleaning station, boat launch facilities, and day-use dockage.

If you try your hand at fishing and want to keep your catch, there is a fish cleaning station available at the harbor to clean your catch.

 A trip to Lexington State Harbor ensures more than just a day at the beach; it’s a day full of discovery. The Lexington State Harbor is open from early May to late September.

Address: 7411 Huron Bay Blvd., Lexington, MI 48450

Person walking along the waters edge in the beach in Lexington, MI.

Beaches outside of Downtown Lexington

The charm of Lexington, Michigan, doesn't lie solely in its most popular beaches; it extends far beyond into hidden corners and less populated spots that provide an entirely different experience. 

Lexington holds several secrets for those who prefer solitude and a chance to enjoy the quiet whispers of the wind, the unruffled waves, and the untouched landscapes.

Lady sitting on a bench with her arm resting along the top and she looks out towards Lake Michigan.

Sanilac County Lexington Park 

Sanilac County Lexington Park, situated just a short drive north of downtown Lexington, Michigan, along Highway M-25, is a picturesque recreational area along the shore of Lake Huron. 

The park features a large beach providing a serene setting for visitors to relax, swim, and enjoy the lake's natural beauty. 

Picnic areas are also available, offering a perfect spot for outdoor meals with family or friends. My family used to rent the pavilion to hold family reunions for many years. 

Bright green, green and black play structure with a swing set, trees and Lake Huron in the background. Photo from Lexington Park.

There are plenty of activities for all ages at the park. The park provides sand volleyball courts and horseshoe pits for those who enjoy sports. 

With its scenic views and recreational amenities, Sanilac County Lexington Park is a key attraction in the charming town of Lexington, making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking a tranquil lakeside experience.

Wooden staircase leading to the sandy beach and clear waters of Lake Huron. Trees are scattered along the far side of the staircase.

Address: 3885 Lakeshore Rd, Lexington, MI 48450

Lake Huron Roadside Park

This roadside park is great for stopping and stretching your legs as you journey farther north along Michigan's Lake Huron Coastline, especially if you are taking a Michigan road trip!  

There are two separate parking lots at this park located between Lexington and Port Sanilac, so no worries if the first one sneaks up on you. The next lot is very close by, but it's not quite as large as the first one.

The park is an absolute gem of a location and offers more than just a beach experience. It’s an excellent spot to pause, relax, and enjoy the calming view of the lake.

There are restrooms available seasonally. Stairs provide beach access. Picnic tables and grills are also provided at the park. Be sure to check out the historical sign that talks about the Great Storm of 1913!

Address: 839 S Lakeshore Rd, Port Sanilac, MI 48469

Shoreline photo of Lake Huron on a fluffy cloud day.

Lexington Beaches: Water Quality 

Choosing a beach isn't solely about stunning views and various amenities. It's equally about safety. 

It's important for beachgoers to be aware of the water quality at their chosen beaches, especially after heavy rainfall where storm water runoff pours into the lake. 

The community takes water quality at its beaches very seriously. Regular checks and updates are made to ensure that swimming in Lake Huron's waves is safe and enjoyable for everyone. 

Water quality signs are posted on the beaches to keep beach-goers informed, exemplifying the transparency and care shown by the local administration for its beach community.

Sandy beach with clear blue waters. There are some rocks sticking out of the water.

Other things to do in Lexington 

Lexington, also known as the first resort north, has many other great features that make it a great day trip!

Besides some of the best beaches along Lake Huron, the Lexington General Store is just one of the quaint shops just east of Main Street on Huron Avenue.

Stop in at the general store to pick up some Penny Candy and reminisce about the times of old.

Interior view of an old time general store: wide plank floor, old time wooden candy display rack, products for purchase, old cash register and a new cash register

Besides just beautiful beaches, Lexington is one of the best places to experience a small-town festival! A Fine Arts Street Fair and the Annual Lexington Bach Festival both provide quality entertainment.

The Independence Day fireworks show is also a popular event, as is the Margarita Fest, where you can indulge in delicious margaritas and enjoy live music.

On Friday nights in the summer, stop by the Patrick Tierney Park at Lexington Harbor to enjoy the Music in the Park series – free outdoor concerts – and bring your lawn chairs or a blanket for a place to sit.

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle for a while, head inland and stop at the Lakeview Hills Golf Resort to hit some balls. There are also rooms available if you want to stay outside of town. 

Where to Stay in Lexington

The Cadillac House stands proud at the heart of the beach town and provides a convenient location for shopping, restaurants, and, of course, the beach! 

There are many rental properties available in the area that provide affordable accommodations. Make sure to book in advance if you plan to visit in the summer months, as this beach-lover paradise fills up fast. 

Camping along the shores of Lake Huron is also an option if you stay at the Sanilac County Lexington Park, which was mentioned earlier as a popular spot for enjoying the sugar-sand beaches in the area.

Exterior of the Cadillac House - three story blue-gray sided building with a wide front porch along the front and and second story sitting area above porch.

FAQs: Beaches in Lexington MI

What recreational facilities are available at the beaches in Lexington, MI?

Several recreational facilities are available at these beaches, ranging from picnic spots and playgrounds at Tienery Park to rental shops for kayaks, paddleboards, and other water activities at select locations.

The Lexington State Harbor also provides musical and cultural enrichments with free concerts and local artists showcasing their work. 

Are there any hidden beaches in Lexington, MI?

Other beaches in the area include Birch Beach, Blue Water Beach, and Great Lakes Beach, but they are private beaches.

How is water quality maintained at these beaches?

Water quality is considered paramount at the beaches of Lexington, MI. There are regular e. coli tests and updates to confirm that swimming in Lake Huron is safe.

The authorities make every effort to ensure that the water at these beaches remains suitable for fun and hygiene.

The Sanilac County Health Department has a sign posted near the pier with a phone number to call if you are concerned with the water quality.

Are there dog-friendly beaches in Lexington, MI?

No, there are no dog-friendly beaches in Lexington. 

What is the parking situation like at the beaches in Lexington, MI?

Parking lots and street parking are available at the beaches in Lexington, MI. Keep in mind that these spots can fill up quickly during the peak season. Aiming to arrive early or visiting outside peak times can help secure a parking spot.

Final Thoughts: Beaches in Lexington MI

From the vibrant scenes of Tierney Park and Lexington Park, the beaches in Lexington, MI, offer something for everyone.

Lexington delivers a beach scene that accommodates every taste, headlined by Tierney Park and enhanced by Lexington State Harbor's lively environment. 

The beaches in Lexington, MI offer a wonderful opportunity for relaxation, entertainment, and leisure activities, catering to diverse preferences and needs of all beach-goers.

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Sandy beach with clear blue water and some rocks peaking through the water.

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